UCMAS Education Franchise

Over 3 million children trained worldwide

Going into business is less risky and is often more rewarding with a Franchise system. A staggering number of new businesses fail in the first three years – due to a lack of understanding of the product, the market and an overall deficiency in brand awareness and business systems.
Increasingly, franchising has become an appealing choice for new entrepreneurs to get into business, as it counteracts some of those pitfalls by combining proven business structures with the strength of a marketing brand.

Looking to start your own business?

UCMAS can be the most rewarding business opportunity. Being an education franchise, UCMAS has its own set of benefits.

Low Investment

Low Expenses

No Experience Required

High Demand

Limited Competition

Easy To Operate

Established Program

Potential Revenue


Why investing in education franchise can be a rewarding decision?

Education sector and children related services are relatively immune from economic slow-down. Parents are always in need of quality education service providers, and thus education franchise will always remain in demand.
Investment in education franchise is often quite reasonable than other business segments. The start-up cost and operating expenses are minimal, making it an excellent choice to start a business.
Education franchise not only helps you run a successful business, but also gives you an opportunity to empower hundreds of children, who will become the future citizens of the community and nation.
An established brand gives you the assurance of tried and tested model, experienced franchisor and recognized presence in the communities. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this and start their own business.


UCMAS Franchises do not need a background in teaching, but must share our passion for education with the objective of creating a child-centric environment that promotes a life-long love of learning for our students.

We have found that strong candidates for franchising with UCMAS share the following traits:

Looking to start your own business?

UCMAS can be the most rewarding business opportunity.